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Brentwood to Build Arbogast Performing Arts Center

Brentwood Builders was selected to build the $7M Arbogast Performing Arts Center in North Dayton. Since the beginning of time, people have gathered together to be entertained, learn, and grow as a community. The APAC will now be that place for for the upper Miami Valley and we could not be more excited to have a hand in it!

The Arbogast Performing Arts Center will be a 39,000-square-foot facility (which includes a 1,00 seat auditorium) that sits on the Troy Christian Schools campus. This building will be a huge asset to the school and the community, alike. The APAC will have a variety of different uses with the 3 primary being events, education and entertainment.

  • Events

    • Corporate events: meetings, training sessions, celebrations

    • Non-Profit events: fundraisers, conferences, gallery space

  • Education

    • Local schools: choir, theater, music performances

    • Lecture series

    • Student field trips for interactive learning

  • Entertainment

    • Concerts

    • Comedy

    • Theater

    • Dance

With the ground breaking back in September, we are well on our way to making this incredible facility become a reality. Donations are still being collected if you are interested in being involved in the financing of the build. Stay tuned for more updates on the APAC!

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