Samuel Stevenson - Sinatra Voice

My family and I moved to Ohio from Montana the summer of 2005 where I joined the public school system in 7th grade.  I graduated from Cedarcliff High School in 2011 and followed that by attending Sinclair Community College studying Construction Management. During college, I pursued a skilled trade by working landscaping at Cedarville University. Shortly after, I was able to get my foot in the door by taking a job as a finish carpenter for a local construction company. My experience and opportunities continued to grow as the Lord continued to bring about major changes in my life. I was married to my wonderful wife in June of 2015 and have lived in Cedarville since. The opportunity to work at Brentwood opened up after several years of project management experience in restoration and remodeling. I strive to honor Christ in my work and it’s encouraging to know that the men that I interact with each day share that same passion. 


Facts About Me

  • I have six siblings
  • My hobby is music, and I love to sing
  • I've come into contact with 3 different wild bears while hiking
  • I've always wanted to visit Glacier National Park
  • The first time in flew in a plane, I jumped out of it
  • The only girl I dated is now my wife