John Harkleroad - Family Man

I was born in the Washington D.C. area into a wonderful Christian home. My parents are loving examples of a maturing, Christ centered home.

I started working construction part time in high school and began full time in the industry after college in 1991.  I seriously considered starting my own remodeling and construction company in 1995, but after an impressionable talk with my brother Joe, I decided to move to Cedarville, Ohio to work with him at Brentwood Builders, Inc.  I currently reside in Cedarville with the love of my life, Jewel, and our sons Will and Dusty.

I enjoyed the carpentry position for a few years until being promoted to project manager in 1997. Since 2011, I have held the Design and Sales manager position and hold several industry certifications.  In 2012 I received certification as a Universal Design Professional.

Facts About Me

  • I am the 6th out of 7 children with a 20 year span between my oldest and youngest siblings
  • I have 23 nephews and nieces on my side and 11 on my wife’s side
  • Between the ages of 10-15, I delivered the Washington Post newspaper
  • I am fascinated with the inexhaustible history of World War 2
  • I’m a casual bird watcher—even more intrigued with birds of prey