Jim Irish - Delusional about the Cubs

I am a project manager for Brentwood Builders, Inc. located in Cedarville Ohio.  I have had the pleasure of serving My Lord and Savior here since 1999.  Prior to accepting the position my early goal in life was to play professional baseball.  Once I yielded my life to the Lord's direction it became obvious that that was not what the Lord wanted for me.  He directed me to Shepherds Inc. in Union Grove, Wisconsin where I enjoyed serving people with disabilities as coach and recreation director.  It was during that time that I met the love of my life, Cheryl.  Since then the Lord blessed us with three wonderful children and six of the smartest grandchildren on earth.  In 1987 He led me to working with kindergarten through twelve graders as coach and teacher at Heritage Christian Schools in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  In 1998 the Lord led our family to Cedarville, Ohio where we became reacquainted with the Harkleroad's, and I started working with Joe who became my boss and mentor.  I have learned to admire his demonstration of love for His Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, his devotion to his wife and family, and unwavering drive to build and run his business for the sole purpose of glorifying Christ through the vehicle of business.  He leads my colleagues and me by example, allows us to use our God given gifts in our individual responsibilities all while fostering a team approach to solve problems and rejoice in each others accomplishments.  While some folks my age work for nearly 45 years and retire,  I am invigorated each morning with the thoughts of what my work day may hold.  When asked to write my professional profile I found it difficult to focus on education, degrees, graduations, credentials, and experience I bring to the table.  My greatest accomplishments, if any, are frankly undeserved; it’s all because of Christ.  I am blessed!

Facts About Me

  • I was robbed at gunpoint, but having no money, they took my pants
  • In a JH basketball game, I got sick and puked on the opposing team's logo
  • In high school, I was all-conference in basketball, football, and baseball
  • I was invited to tryout with the Cincinnati Reds, LA Dodgers, and KC Royals
  • Raised in Gary, Indiana, I had several close encounters with gang thugs, including gun shots and knives
  • I love to spoil my grandkids and spend quiet evenings with my wife