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Church Adding Multipurpose Space in 2018

Posted on January 30, 2018 by Chad Coe
Church Adding Multipurpose Space in 2018

A strategic master plan is imperative before any church decides to build or add on to their existing building.  A master plan assesses the vision, direction, growth, and ministry of the church and translates that information into necessary space.  The problem is most commercial contractors are not willing to walk a church through this process…they simply want to build buildings.

Brentwood is unique in that we love the church and believe in her mission.  Therefore, we consider a privilege to guide a church through the master plan process to provide a road map for phased growth as it pertains to their facility.

This church in Centerville chose Brentwood because of our commitment to a ministry-directed master plan for immediate and future growth.  In the spring, we will begin work on a 10,000 sqft multipurpose addition used primarily for worship and fellowship gatherings.  The building is a Butler pre-engineered steel building with a standing seam roof and EFIS walls.

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