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Serving Churches through Master Plan services

Posted on October 18, 2016 by Chad Coe
Serving Churches through Master Plan services


When a church experiences numerical growth in a particular ministry (i.e. children or youth), many churches automatically assume an addition to the building is the best solution.  In the words of ESPN analyst Lee Corso…”Not so fast”!  Before a church decides to expand their building, a MINISTRY-DIRECTED master plan is essential to avoiding many common pitfalls of church construction.

Our unique approach as a design-build team is to understand the ministry vision of a church, its current growth trends, and then translate that information to square footage.  We help churches think through the reallocation of space as well as forecast future buildings or additions to fulfill their calling within their unique context.  Although the mission of the church is the same universally, the way that mission is carried out is unique to their particular location and context.  Contact Brentwood Builders, Inc. to assist your church with a ministry directed master plan before that next expansion project.

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