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Commercial Spotlight: M.O.M. Reroof

Posted on June 28, 2016 by Chad Coe
Commercial Spotlight: M.O.M. Reroof

Most roof repairs are only temporary solutions. By their very nature, built-up or single-ply roof systems require constant maintenance to remain watertight. But there is a better option. Butler Manufacturing™ offers long-term solutions to whatever roof problems are compromising your structures—the Metal-Over-Metal Systems, the Slope Build-up Reroof System, and many custom retrofit systems.

In most cases, you can install a Butler® reroof system directly over your current existing built up, single-ply, or metal roof. This saves you the cost of tearing off your current roof and avoids any interruption to your business activities during the process.  The Butler® reroof system also provides opportunity to add more insulation for enhanced energy efficiency.

Does your commercial building have flat roof or a metal roof that is leaking?  Contact Brentwood Builders for a practical, long term, and cost efficient retrofit solution.

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