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From Biz to Home: Drs. Joe and Nikki Maynard

Posted on March 29, 2016 by Chad Coe
From Biz to Home: Drs. Joe and Nikki Maynard

In 2012, Drs. Joe and Nikki Maynard called Brentwood Builders to convert an old Perkins restaurant into an animal veterinary hospital.  Mad River Veterinary Hospital is located at 1170 Upper Valley Pike in Springfield and is a full-service clinic for your pet's health needs. They provide routine preventive care as well as diagnostics and treatment for health concerns.

When it was time to add on to their home, the Maynards called on Brentwood for design and construction services.  Brentwood just finished a master suite addition on to their home, and they were wonderful to work with throughout the entire process.

Brentwood celebrates our relationship with the Maynard family for allowing us to be their preferred design builder for their commercial business and their personal residence.

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