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Brentwood teams with Huntington Outdoor

Posted on March 29, 2016 by Chad Coe
Brentwood teams with Huntington Outdoor

Brentwood is privileged to have met a brother-sister duo that is gaining great momentum in the outdoor advertising industry.  Justin and Jena Powell have teamed together to start Huntington Outdoor Advertising.  Huntington Outdoor is a growing outdoor signage company that currently displays 160 billboards across southwest Ohio and east-central Indiana.  Brentwood is so impressed with these two young entrepreneurs that we have teamed up with them for billboard advertising.  Listen to Justin's story:

“The first time I remember thinking about billboards was when a relative of mine said I should look into them. He said it seemed like they were a good business. That launched me into doing some research. Overall, I liked what I saw, so I attempted to buy some. As you might imagine, either no one wanted to sell or they wanted more money than a 20-year-old kid could afford. So I got determined, and decided if they wanted to keep their old billboards, then let them have the rusty things – I’d build my own! Thus, Huntington Outdoor was born.”

What impressed Brentwood Builders was Justin and Jena Powell’s commitment to family, lifelong learning, and building healthy business alliances.  According to Jena, "Growing up, my parents always told us that being in business with your family can be a great blessing. Working together as a family is such an amazing experience. It’s fun seeing each other grow, learn, and create something to be proud of. One of the biggest things you have to have in a business is trust. Working with someone you fully trust is such a blessing, and probably one of the best parts about a family business."

Thank you, Powell family, for partnering with Brentwood Builders, and we wish you much success in your business endeavor as Huntington Outdoor.

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