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5 Tips BEFORE you choose a contractor

Posted on February 04, 2016 by Chad Coe
5 Tips BEFORE you choose a contractor

As you contemplate your spring remodeling or room addition project, here are 5 helpful tips to help you hire the best contractor for your project.

1. Not every new home builder is a room addition expert.
Building NEW is 99% of the time easier that adding on to an existing home. Before you put on that room addition, make sure your contractor has a portfolio of room additions that do not look like after thoughts.

2. Ask a contractor's references about the PROCESS not just the finished product. 
You do not want your remodeling project to be a major headache from start to finish. Make sure your contractor is committed to you through the project's duration.

3. Beware of excessive change orders. 
Many contractors use change orders to boost their bottom line. You want a contractor that will take their time in the design phase to make sure change orders are kept to a minimum.

4. You do not have to have all the project details ironed out prior to calling a contractor. 
A good contractor can help you with design solutions that make the most sense financially and practically. Sometimes we come up with better ideas at a cost savings to the homeowner.

5. A trusting relationship with a contractor is CRUCIAL and POSSIBLE! 
There are people in the construction industry who value honesty, integrity, people, and hard work more than profit. Brentwood Builders is one great example.

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