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Faith-based Contractor serving Miami Valley

The purpose of Brentwood Builders, Inc is to glorify God through the vehicle of business.

The mission of Brentwood Builders, Inc is to provide God-honoring design-build services.

The goal of Brentwood Builders, Inc is to delight our clients with the construction process as well as the finished product.

The vision of Brentwood Builders, Inc is that by His grace and for His glory we combine our skills, knowledge, and experience to maximize our abilities, while simultaneously meeting individual, corporate, and client needs.  To this end, we will become and become known as a progressive minded, problem solving, operatively sound, service oriented company with a trademark of excellence.  As a team, we commit ourselves to a quality communication process, both internal and external, that we may effectively provide design-build services consistently on time, on budget, and according to specifications.

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